Vision for Chile

Vision for Chile Mission Trip: The House of Hope – Santiago, Chile¨. The House of Hope is a halfway house for young women 18 – 25. Here they are given a safe, Christian environment where they can learn life skills and continue their education. Epworth is sponsoring 2 of these girls, Lisette and Katy. Additionally, Kathy and Clark Heard and Cindy Kurzrock are joining a team traveling to Santiago for 2 weeks in February to assist with the completion of the caretaker’s house. They will be taking school supplies and small gifts for the girls at both the House of Hope and the younger girls at the Hogar de Ninas Acym. Please visit again for updates from the mission trip.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It is Thursday.  This will probably be our last update so we will include our plans for the rest of the week. On Monday evening we had a special time with the Hogar girls.  After a spaghetti dinner and some play time we prayed for the girls.  Then all of our team came to the center of the circle and the little ones prayed for us.  As they surrounded us with their loving arms we were touched to tears with their sweet petitions for our safety and above all that we would return again to see them. 

Our team has shared gifts with the Hogar - gift bags for the Tias, jewelry for the girls and Tias. Beautiful handmade quilts were presented to the House girls.  Tio Chocolate (Kerry) made his special fudge. Bags of school supplies for both places were brought.  The greatest gift of all was the sharing of God's love between the North and South Americans.

Please hold Claudio close in your prayers. Her father was killed yesterday in an accident. She is one of the Hogar girls that moved into the House of Hope on Sunday.  

For the construction project - the kitchen cabinets are almost done, the yard/refuse cleanup (a really tough job in this heat) looks great, drywall has been started in the apartments, interior doors and baseboards will be done today.  The girls have all pitched in with every task assigned.

Friday will be a short day for construction as we will need to cleanup and pack.  Saturday will be a day of decompression at Valparasio and Vina, then to the airport.  While we are all anxious to return home, a part of our hearts will forever stay here in La Pintana at the Hogar and House of Hope.

Love and Prayers,

Tom, John, Bob, Dennis, Eric, Garry, Shane, Kerry, Lee, Lee, Paul, Clark, Kathy, Cindy

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday was a big day here for Vision for Chile and the House of Hope.  At the church service our team sang "Open the Eyes of My Heart" in both English and Spanish for the congregation with Lissette accompanying us on her guitar.  Kathy and Paul shared testimonies and Pastor John sang "He Doesn't Throw the Clay Away".  Pastor Er led the congregation in a blessing of all students returning to school (this is the end of their 'summer' vacation).

Sunday evening three new girls moved in and Daniel Trujillo, director of the House, had a special ceremony.  At the ceremony the new girls as well as the 'veterans' pledged to study, obey and respect and follow the will of God for the benefit of the community.  Speakers included Daniel, Pastor Fugate, and Tom Orme.  Many friends and family members were present to show their support and love for the young women.  Please continue to pray for them as they begin their studies and that they honor the promise.  

On Monday, work continued with great advancement in the siding and most interior painting is complete.  We continue to pray for funds to purchase the windows.

Pray for Pastor John who continues to struggle with health issues.

Thank you and God Bless.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hola Amigos!  Praise the Lord for another great day in La Pintana.

The outside siding is going up - Marco and Robbie were great help with this. They leave us today to return to their local church work.  We greatly appreciate their help.  The upstairs is ready to paint.

Yesterday was laundry day *see photo* - so we all have clean clothes on today!  Tom is becoming so holy that he can now walk on water *see photo*

The highlight of the week was our dinner last night with the girls at the Hogar.  We enjoyed a meal with about 30 of them and the Tias.  Mr. Balloon-man, aka Garry, was a big hit.  We danced, played, and ate.

It appears that the door for International adoptions is opening up.  Please pray that some of these precious children of God can be placed in loving families.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miscellaneous photos from Kathy H.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greetings from the Vision for Chile team in Santiago, Chile!

Praise God for the arrival of Garry and Shane after their flight delays.  We also welcomed Marco, son of a local VFC board member and Robbie, son of Bob the local C&MA missionary. With their arrival, our team of 16 is complete and accomplishing great things for the Lord.  Willie, his family and the girls of the House of Hope are all pitching in with mucho gusto. And it is not all work on the house; the men swam with the girls yesterday and we had enthusiastic games of Uno at the House after dinner.  Pastor John leads us in inspiring messages of devotion in the mornings that keep us on track with the Lord all day.  We open our devotions with singing and are learning to sing "Open my Heart" en Espanol.

Drywall finishing is going well - should be able to start the painting tomorrow.  The outside siding has begun and looks great.

Praise God for the blessed R.U.T.Numbers that have been issued to Tom and Bob.  This is similar to Social Security Numbers in the States and will allow Tom and Bob to officially serve on the board of VFC.  They are now officially CHILEANOS !!

Praise God that Kathy and Pastor John are now healthy. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Greetings from the Vision for Chile team in Santiago, Chile! I am Kathy H. and I will be sending updates of our activities every couple of days.

On Friday the early arrivers settled in--the men in the Hogar, and the women in the House of Hope. Patty and Willy, the caretakers whose home we came to work on made us feel very welcome.  Some of us went to the mall to exchange money, and then to the grocery store for essentials--four kinds of ice cream. On Saturday, the men went to Sodimac (the Chilean version of Home Depot) to buy supplies.  Cindy was fortunate to tour downtown Santiago with Kathy M. and Lissette, two of the lovely girls from the House of Hope. Kathy H. spent most of the day in bed recuperating from a GI bug. Pastor John caught it, too. They are both much better, but please pray for continued good health for the whole team.

On Sunday we attended an enthusiastic and spirit-filled service at the church next door. We even recognized some of the songs, like "Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord" and "I'm in the Lord's Army." We actually had to dance to that one! That afternoon we visited with the girls at the Hogar (which means 'home'), which is just down the street from the House of Hope.

On Monday, after our devotion, singing and prayer, construction boss Kerry put us to work on drywall--moving it, mudding it, and sanding it. We are still awaiting the arrival of Gary and Shane, who were delayed in Atlanta. They are now on a plane bound for Chile, and should arrive Tuesday morning. Please pray for their safe arrival. Thanks for all your support and prayers. We are blessed to be here!

Vision for Chile is a Christian ministry, involved in construction projects designed to improve the living conditions of homeless children and the staff in Christian and Missionary Alliance orphanages in Chile.