Epworth Goals

Radical Hospitality
We will increase the connectivity of our members, non-members, and visitors with each other and God through enriching and diverse Sunday school for spiritual learning and fellowship, through varied small group ministries adapted to the needs of current members, new members, visitors, and those who are not yet attending church, and through radical hospitality; we will make people feel welcomed, loved, needed, and accepted.

Life Changing Service
We will expand our service and missions not only to those in our community, but to those throughout the world by engaging in life-changing experiences with those in need of material resources, assistance with daily living, education, health care, and spiritual growth.  We will bring people into the kingdom by exposing them to God. We will strive to meet spiritual needs that are not currently being met by experimenting with approaches that are unique to Epworth and our congregation.

Extravagant Generosity
We will strive to be a congregation that practices joyous giving by adopting Christian generosity; (time, talents, gifts, presence). We will ensure that all who enter into membership at Epworth understand the importance and responsibility of being good stewards.

Intentional Listening
We will strive to discern the will of God for Epworth by waiting, praying, listening, worshiping, and seeking the revelation of Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Passionate Worship
We will strive to recognize the Presence of God in worship by helping create a desire in the hearts and spirits of the individual worshipers at Epworth.